Q. How would you describe your style of photography?
A. I shoot in a documentary style, most often in black and white. This style of photography attempts to portray in a photo the essence of the moment, something Henri Cartier Bresson described as the “Decisive Moment.”

Q. Do you shoot film?
A. Rarely. Digital photography is, in my opinion, superior to film in nearly every respect.

Q. Isn’t film photography a more “true” or a “purer” medium?
A. No, not at all. Digital photography is merely the most recently developed means of capturing an image. None is “more pure” than another. You might as well ask whether black & white film is “purer” than color simply because it came first. For that matter, you might as well ask whether Daguerrotype or Calotype photography are somehow “purer” than film simply because they came first.

Q. Do you shoot commission works?
A. Yes, just contact me by email or phone so that we may discuss the project.

Q. Why do some of the Black and White images look so dark on my monitor?
A. The images are only dark on computer monitors. In real life, the prints show a great many more shades of grey, what photographers call dynamic range. Unfortunately, computer monitors have their limitations.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. The best way to contact me is by email at photos@ralphventura.com. You can also contact me by phone at 305-502-1013.

Q. What cameras do you use?
A. Canon Digital 1 Series and Leica cameras, both among the finest in the world.

Q. How can I order prints of your photos?
A. Go to my portfolio, RalphVentura.com.  Many of the galleries on this site are enabled for ecommerce. Just follow the shopping-cart links at the upper right-hand corner of each web page.

Q. But I want a photo that doesn't seem to have a shopping cart available?
A. Shopping carts are enabled in all galleries in RalphVentura.com for which prints are offered to the public. If a particular photo or gallery doesn't have a shopping cart enabled that is because the photos are not for sale but are only shown for editorial purposes.

Q. But it's a photo of me. Can't I order one?
A. If you are in a photo that is not offered for sale, email me so we can accommodate you.

Q. I would like a print larger than 20x30 inches. Do you offer these?
A. Yes, some of my photos are offered in very large sizes. In fact, one of approximately 30x55 inches hangs in my office. These, however, are specially ordered. If you want one of these, just contact me at photos@ralphventura.com.

Q. Will you be offering photo-books in the future?
A. Yes, plans are in the works for several photo-books.