Monday, March 10, 2014

The Serendipity of Unlucky Events

Untitled, 2014

I really like this photo.  I like the way it's framed on the right by the two tables and how the edge of the pool cuts across the bottom demarcating the lighter brick from the dark water.  I really like how the subject is just standing there, looking off into the distance and that string of lights that just seems to hang there.  What I like most about it, though, is the strong contrast of light and dark hues.  It takes what would have been an OK shot, and adds an air of drama to it.  It's also plain luck. My flash didn't go off.

I was shooting an event in January and outshot the flash's ability to recycle.  I realized it when reviewing the photos at home.  A bit of boosting the ISO and some work with the sliders, convert to B&W and voila: an unlucky photo is turned into a noirish image.  Sometimes an unlucky event is actually serendipitous. Nice.

Canon 6D, ISO 400, 1/45 sec., Canon 24-105 @f/4, no flash.

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